The Big Fun Book of Finding Mistakes

Age 4

96 pages

225 x 311 mm


  • Picture Book

Dirk Hennig

The Big Fun Book of Finding Mistakes

Find more than 777 confoundedly crazy mistakes

In a Nutshell:

Bored? Not if you have this book! There are over 20 things wrong on every page and it's your task to find them and decide what is amiss. There is a shark swimming around in the fountain, the stripes on the zebra crossing are in all colours of the rainbow, penguins are wearing bowties – and since when have roast chicken been able to fly? Go on a trip through a confoundedly crazy world and discover more than 777 things that are not quite right – huge fun of searching for eagle-eyed sleuths!

All the fun of finding more than 777 errors

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