Life Is (not) a Wish List

Age 9

272 pages

148 x 210 mm


Sabine Bohlmann, Petra Eimer

Life Is (not) a Wish List

"Life is not a wish list!" my mother always says when I keep on saying I wish I could have ... For example, when we're out shopping and there is something in every shop window I wish I could have. For no particular reason. And there is so much I wish I could have fornoparticularreason. Wanda says something different. She always says, "Wishes are ten a penny and you can wish for whatever you want!" That is why Rosalie sends a wishing rocket up into the sky with her three most urgent wishes: a dog, a friend and a daddy. And because wishes sometimes need a little bit of help, Rosalie does all she can to make the wishes come true a little bit more quickly …


  • Heart-warming children's book
  • An author who has not forgotten what it is like to be a child
  • Have courage to believe in your own wishes