The Book of little Rascals

Age 6

144 pages

218 x 280 mm


Michael Ende, Maja Bohn

The Book of little Rascals

A little rascal can be large or small,
thin, fat and any other way.
But one thing is for sure:
More than anything else, little rascals love playing.

The little rascals are out and about! Michael Ende's Rascal Book is just frothing with imagination, the fun of language and humour. It is highly entertaining while at the same time a testimony of huge affection for little people, the so-called "Schnurpse" (littel rascals).

This potpourri of poems featuring the large and small pranks played by the little rascals, the bedtime poems and tales are not only amusing but also cheeky and cunning. The magic spells to puff away bad moods, nasty dreams and stubbornness can work miracles. In other words, the rascals are always there when they are needed and radiate a unique charm nobody can avoid. The famous "The School for Louts" originated in the The Rascal Book too.


  • Thought-provoking and amusing nonsense verses for all who love the fun of language
  • Original, imaginative, profound
  • Amusing, cheeky and magnificently illustrated by Maja Bohn