Storytime Book for Daredevils and Dreamers

Age 5

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


Martina Baumbach, Jan-Uwe Rogge, Barbara Korthues

Storytime Book for Daredevils and Dreamers

In a Nutshell:

Be they impulsive, dreamy, forgetful, fidgety, shy or chaotic – this is where every child can find a story that is just right for them. In these stories girls and boys find out as a matter of course that everyone has their own special strengths and talents: if you are impulsive you quickly brim over with enthusiasm; forgetful? - improvisation is probably your strong point; and if you are chaotic you might well be unusually creative.


  • Educational advice and an epilogue by the education expert
  • Whirlwind and witty stories for Fidgety Philipps and dreamy children
  • Increases self-confidence