It's all true! or Little Raven's fibs for all opportunities

Age 3

32 pages

226 x 311 mm


Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

It's all true! or Little Raven's fibs for all opportunities

Sock has given his two raven Mums, Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph, an idea for another amusing story

You shouldn't really tell lies – the little raven, Sock, knows that. But there are situations when it can't be helped. And when you've already started telling lies it's difficult to stop. During the holidays, Sock, Burger, badger and Eddi-Bear go to visit Burger's Auntie Cupcake on her farm. What Auntie Cupcake doesn't know is that the four of them have secretly brought all their friends with them. And they have to be smuggled in and hidden, and they also need something to eat and a place to sleep. On the way there the little raven explained everything to them all and told them the best way to fib, but somehow nothing goes according to plan.


  • Another amusing adventure with the little raven
  • When telling fibs goes wrong

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Italy, China, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Korea, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine (Ukrainian


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