Search for the Lost Treasure

Age 4

128 pages

183 x 256 mm


  • Picture Book

Nele Moost

Search for the Lost Treasure

A great new adventure awaits the little raven Sock and his friends on a treasure hunt! In competition with the beaver brothers, the animals must solve tricky puzzles, face minor and major dangers and finally excel themselves. At the end of the search, a treasure awaits them that nobody had bargained with at all.

Great reading out fun for all raven fans, with many images from the film – great raven cinema! Cinema film start on 6 June 2019 in Germany.


  • A new fast-paced adventure about the little raven Sock
  • With many film images, divided into reader-friendly chapters
  • The little raven Sock as a successful cinema star with over 915,000 visitors

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