The Story of the Little Dormouse That Wouldn't Wake Up

Age 4

32 pages

296 x 237 mm


  • Picture Book

Sabine Bohlmann, Kerstin Schoene

The Story of the Little Dormouse That Wouldn't Wake Up

Spring is here at last! One after another, all the dormice are waking up from their long hibernation. All, that is, but one. This one is the little dormouse that in autumn went to bed faaar too late. Each of the animals comes into his den and tries to get him to wake up: the squirrel tickles him with his bushy tail, the hedgehog lies down so close to him that it gets uncomfortable, and the skunk – well, the skunk does what skunks do. But all to no avail, the little dormouse simply goes on sleeping. Or does he? A new picture book story about the cutest dormouse ever.


  • A new sequel of the bestselling picture book story - over 25,000 copies sold
  • A warm-hearted and delightfully amusing story by Sabine Bohlmann
  • Wonderfully illustrated by Kerstin Schoene

Sold to:
The Netherlands, Spain (Spanish), Turkey, Romania, China, Israel (Hebrew)


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