The Story of the Little Dormouse Who Couldn't Fall Asleep

Age 4

32 pages

296 x 237 mm


  • Picture Book

Sabine Bohlmann, Kerstin Schoene

The Story of the Little Dormouse Who Couldn't Fall Asleep

All the dormice are getting ready to spend the whole long winter hibernating. Only the little dormouse baby isn't one little bit tired. But a dormouse who can't sleep isn't a proper dormouse! One after the other, all the animals visit the little dormouse in his hole to help him go to sleep as best they can. The fox counts sheep with him; the nightingale sings him a lullaby; the owl tells him a bedtime story; the bat hangs upside down with him from the ceiling; and the big bear even lends him his cuddly toy. All the animals end up going to sleep, but the little dormouse is still wide awake. And then the little dormouse has an idea. "If all the others are asleep no one will notice that I'm not a proper dormouse!" The little dormouse is now so relieved and cuddles up with the other animals to think about all the lovely things he can do while the others are asleep. And then he starts feeling a little tired … and even more tired … and finally falls asleep.


  • Extremely cute character
  • Another brilliant piece of work by illustrator Kerstin Schoene (A Heap of Friends)

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Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain (Spanish), Spain (Catalan), China (simplified letters), Ukraine, Turkey, Israel (Hebrew), Romania


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