A Snug Blanket Full of Goodnight Stories

Age 4

128 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Picture Book

Sabine Bohlmann, Kerstin Schoene

A Snug Blanket Full of Goodnight Stories

The Little Dormouse

A varied, atmospheric goodnight story book for all children and parents who know and love the picture books about the little dormouse and would like more.

Little stories from the world of the dormouse with four-colour illustrations form a collection of stories that has what it takes to be your favourite book. Because not only the little dormouse but also the other picture-book characters are presented vividly: the fox, bear, owl, nightingale, snail, mouse and bat.  

When the hazel dormouse stays over at the little dormouse’s house, everything is supposed to be perfect! The little dormouse makes a big effort. But when the hazel dormouse wants to hear a goodnight story, the little dormouse is at a loss. Where can he get one from? Perhaps the woodpecker knows a story. But the woodpecker is too busy pecking houses into the tree. The nightingale and the lovesick frog don’t know any stories either. Just like all the other animals in the forest. The little dormouse returns sadly to his hole. He thinks of his friends and suddenly realises: he has gathered a whole snug blanket full of stories that evening!


  • Short stories with the well-known characters from the popular picture books
  • About the great joy of friendship
  • Richly illustrated by Kerstin Schoene


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