The Little Dormouse – My Kindergarten Friends

Age 3

96 pages

212 x 160 mm


Sabine Bohlmann, Kerstin Schoene

The Little Dormouse – My Kindergarten Friends

For all fans of the little dormouse: this is the matching friendship album, just as lovingly and creatively got up as the picture books.
All the kindergarten friends can leave their mark here, almost without any help from grownups or older children.
Contains lots of pictures for colouring and space for photos of parties and get-togethers. What's more, the little dormouse and his friends have already made an entry on some of the pages giving away a few amusing secrets about themselves.


  • Creative and age-appropriate entry pages
  • With brilliant illustrations by Kerstin Schoene
  • A special souvenir of kindergarten days