The Little Water Sprite

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Otfried Preußler, Regine Stigloher, Daniel Napp

The Little Water Sprite

Autumn in the Mill Pond

A new story about the little water sprite.

Autumn has come. The little water sprite would like an autumn holiday and go away, just like the village children. But everyone around the village pond is busy getting things ready for the approaching winter and hibernation - carp Cyprinus, beaver Borkert, not even the cheeky frogs have any time! So the little water sprite will just have to go away all by himself! On his raft, he hurtles down the wide river. But then he has an accident: the raft crashes into the pillar of a bridge and the little water sprite injures his leg. How on earth is he to get home now?


  • Over 80,000 copies of the picture books about the little water sprite sold
  • A delightful story about autumn


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