The Sunking

Age 4

32 pages

296 x 237 mm


  • Picture Book

Werner Holzwarth, Günther Jakobs

The Sunking

Every morning, the sun rises at the hen farm. And every morning Conrad, the cockerel, greets them with his crowing. One day Conrad makes a bold statement: it is not he who is crowing because the sun is rising but the sun that is rising because he is crowing! He can soon convince the hens to take care of him well if they do not want the farm to descend into eternal darkness. The hens have their beaks full from now on, looking for the best worms and the finest grain for Conrad. Until the morning when Conrad, now lazy and overfed, oversleeps and misses his duty. The sun rises – even without his crowing – and his cover is blown. As a punishment he must look for worms for the hens for seven weeks, who will not be so easily fooled from now on.


  • “Pride comes before a fall”


  • Told lightheartedly and with a lot of humour by Werner Holzwarth


  • Impressive characters, portrayed by the picture book artist Günther Jakobs