The Greatest Birthday in the World

Age 3

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book Birthday

Anke Dörrzapf, Sascha Morawetz

The Greatest Birthday in the World

The badger holds a giant treasure hunt with a raft ride and fishcake pops. The fox issues invitations to a spooky party with labyrinth games. And the parents of the slowworm have even chartered storks to fly the animal children to the leisure park. “I want that too!” sighs the stoat. But after so many exceptional parties, it only has one wish for its birthday: a mud party jumping in puddles – without any ballyhoo. Because sometimes simple is simply the best!


  • Favourite topic among young children: birthday parties
  • A humorous look at the rivalry surrounding children’s birthdays
  • The perfect gift for young birthday children