The Chronicals of Mistle Ende

Age 10

416 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Young Adult Novel Fantasy

Benedict Mirow, Maximilian Meinzold

The Chronicals of Mistle Ende

The Griffin Awakens

In a nutshell:
When Cedric moves to Scotland with his father, he does not yet know what powers lie dormant within him. It is only when the magical guardian of Mistle End challenges Cedric one night to the griffin test that his abilities surface. Cedrik is one of the last two Druids in the world. From now on, he must train his skills, because the balance between humankind, magic and nature is in danger. A battle lies ahead, for which the young unexperienced Druid is not yet ready. Luckily the siblings Emily and Elliot are by his side, she as a shapeshifter and he as a budding sorcerer.

The Chronicles of Mistle End tell about the transformation of 12-year-old Cedrik from a rather unremarkable boy to a mighty Druid, who saves the ancient witch village Mistle End from demise with the help of his magical powers. The two siblings Emily and Elliot are by his side throughout, she as a shapeshifter, he as a budding master of sorcery. Together they experience riveting adventures that bring Cedrik ever closer to his calling. Cedrik moves with his father to the old and strange village Mistle End high up in the Scottish Highlands, because his father found a job there as a teacher. Cedrik, who never got to know his mother, becomes acquainted with Emily and Elliot on his very first evening, siblings who save him from the spiteful mockery of a village boy. However, his delight about the newly acquired friends gives way already on the first night to a great sense of insecurity, when he is taunted by terrible nightmares in which a magical griffin appears and asks him probing questions about where he comes from that Cedrik cannot answer. The next day on his walk when he sees the very same griffin everywhere in the village, the two friends Emily and Elliot avoid his questions, until the mystery of Mistle End is revealed to him in a terrifying encounter with a werewolf: Mistle End is home to countless witches and other magical beings, which have withdrawn to this refuge in the Scottish Highlands, fleeing from the eternally distrustful and dangerous people, to live here undisturbed and in peace. His two new friends Emily and Elliot also have special abilities: Emily is a shapeshifter, Elliot is a sorcerer. They finally explain to him that the griffin, the heraldic animal of Mistle End, is also a kind of magical guardian that ensures that no human and no magical bring with evil intentions settles in the village. This is why every new arrival must pass a griffin test. Confronted with his own fears in the form of a mighty dragon, Cedrik passes this test after a furious duel. Also because he receives support from a ghostly apparition, in which he believes to recognise his mother. She helps him to awaken hidden powers deep within his being that allow him to control the earth and the world of plants. He therefore succeeds in conjuring mighty roots out of the earth that entwine into angry dragons. And suddenly Cedrik becomes aware what talents his life harbours: as the son of a mysterious tree nymph and a normal human being, he even has the rare gifts of the Druids! However, his arrival in the village is not welcomed by all members of the magical community. Some witches are afraid of him and encounter him with distrust. Especially Alastair MacAhraw, who together with the forest elf Ao Taeras and Esmeralda Golden, the mother of his friends Emily and Elliot, is part of the big council of Mistle End. The Druids, once mediators between nature and people, possess a power that appears uncontrollable to the witches surrounding MacAhraw, especially in the hands of an unexperienced boy such as Cedric. The rejection reaches its culmination when the council is attacked by an eerie swarm of ravens out of nowhere during Cedrik’s hearing. The village community is shaken and blames the attack on the very existence of Cedric. He, confused and uncertain, indeed knows as good as nothing about his gifts and feels let down by his friends but finds a friend in the outsider Crutch. Step by step, in discussions with villagers such as Dandelia Rose, a herb witch, as well as through unexpected circumstances, Cedrik learns to use his abilities better. However, when his friend Crutch turns out to be a Druid himself, as well as the apparent instigator of the attack on the council, Cedrik must make a decision: he rescues his friends Emily and Elliot, as well as Alastair MacAhraw, from the seemingly overpowering Crutch, who takes him to task in a duel. At the last moment, a misunderstanding occurs and Cedrik falls over the wall parapet. He is severely injured and only survives because Crutch himself rescues him at the last minute, before he flees into the night from the guardians of the council. The council of Mistle End decides already at the break of dawn to banish Crutch: but when the council members want to convey their decision to him, Corvus Crutcher has preempted this and has already left the village quietly with a whole host of thorn witches. The thorn witches, who bear this name because were once the instigators of the inquisition with bloody rituals and were now lusting for new power, irreconcilable with the witches of Mistle End who want to use their abilities for the common good. The fronts are now clearly set. The Druid Cedric – inexperienced and not yet ready for his role – and the witches of Mistle End fight for a balance between people, magic and nature, while the thorn witches in Crutch’s entourage want to take revenge on people for their egoism and the suffered humiliation and destruction.


  • Scottish Highlands – a fascinating setting
  • A young Druid and the magical powers of nature
  • Cinematic and narrated full of warmth
  • The author is an ethnologist and film director


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