Once a Twin, Always a Twin

Age 10

244 pages


  • Children's Novel

Patricia Schröder, Stephanie Reis, Maria Karipidou

Once a Twin, Always a Twin

Utter Chaos with a Parrot

In a Nutshell:

Twins Lea and Lucie are given a huge challenge by their mother: either they teach parrot That's-That some manners or he has to go! According to Rosanna von Leipnitz it is simply no longer possible to have visitors. It is especially when Nonna Dolce Vita from Venice suddenly appears on the doorstep that she is determined to get rid of the feathered member of the family. Another talking point with the twins is Lucie's new class, for here it seems there is something fishy going on.


  • Entertainment for girls at its best by Patrician Schröder
  • A swearing parrot, an Italian granny and a chaotic school festival – there is always something going on here


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