Gaspard's fabulous journey

Age 4

32 pages

296 x 237 mm


  • Picture Book

Laura Fuchs, Martin Gülich

Gaspard's fabulous journey

After spending 107 years of his life living happily and contentedly in the familiar surroundings of his home, city crocodile Gáspár one day has an irresistible urge to set out and discover the world beyond the city. On his wanderings, Gáspár makes the acquaintance of thieving racoons and wise wolves; he flies up into the skies with a blind mole pilot and dives down with a whale to the depths of the oceans. Every encounter brings new surprises, and every new fact he finds out about the world and the diversity of its inhabitants tells him, almost imperceptibly, something new about himself.


  • Nominated for the German Young Talent in Illustration Award "Serafina" 2016
  • Every page is a work of art
  • A promising picture book debut by Laura Fuchs
  • Thoughtful texts by Martin Gülich

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