The Fearless Two from Platform 3

Age 8

160 pages

147 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Joachim Friedrich, Dirk Hennig

The Fearless Two from Platform 3

Billy and Chips rescue their friends

Billy and his mate Chips, the two station pigeons, are chirpy with optimism. With a targeted cack-attack they have put the station master to flight. After all, he keeps shooing them away from the platform. But soon afterwards, all the pigeons have disappeared from the platform. Somebody seems to have kidnapped them. And no one else can be behind it than the station master! Where would they all be without the fearless two from platform three? With their detective intuition and a famous cack attack pigeons Billy and Chips can deal with each and every problem!



  • Fast-paced, amusing animal crime story
  • Amusingly illustrated by Dirk Hennig
  • Over 1 million books by Joachim Friedrich ("4 ½ Friends" series) sold