The little Witch

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


Otfried Preußler, Susanne Preußler-Bitsch, Daniel Napp

The little Witch

In the little hutt in the middle of the forest lives the little witch with her friend Abraxas, the Raven.
And in order to be enabled to participate dancing with the other witches on the Bloxberg hill for the first time
she has to pass the witch exam. Therefore she has to practice again and again.
And while doing so she goofes up a couple of time. And so she lets it rain buttermilk instead of water
and conjures her broom stick in pieces. So that willy-nilly she has to walk to town, in order to buy herself a new one.
And this is how a turbulent and adventurous day starts for the little witch and Abraxas.


  • 60 years anniversary of "The little witch - a success story
  • A picture book with the most beautiful adventures of the little witch
  • With masterly illustrations by famous illustrator Daniel Napp