The Little Witch

Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Otfried Preußler, Mathias Weber, Winnie Gebhardt

The Little Witch

The little witch pursues her dream of being one of the grown-ups and conjures only good things.

The little witch helps whenever she can. She helps old women collecting wood with their heavy baskets of brushwood; for the chestnut man she conjures up warm hands and a stove he’ll never again burn his fingers on; for the sad little girl selling paper flowers on the market she conjures up the scent of flowers so that her wares will sell well. Only from time to time does her boldness get the better of her, such as when she is once caught red handed doing conjuring tricks on a Friday, the most important day of rest for witches. Oh dear, oh dear, in the end she has to appear before the council of witches again so that they can decide whether she really has become a good witch.


  • Original illustrations by Winnie Gebhardt colourised by Mathias Weber

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