The Nature Detectives - Vol. I

Age 5

128 pages

183 x 256 mm


  • Children's Novel

Fabian Lenk, Sabine Sauter

The Nature Detectives - Vol. I

Mysterious Trails in the Forest

Tim, Benni, Sophia and Fenja – they are the Chanterelles! The little gang has a great camp in the middle of the forest where they meet every afternoon to play and explore the surroundings. But one day Fenja makes an unnerving discovery: a big dog is straying injured through the forest without a leash… could it be a wolf? Soon the Chanterelles are immersed in their first case. Luckily Fenja’s father is a forester and provides the nature detectives with advice.


  • Interesting combination of nature and detective story
  • Important for children: experience nature
  • With extra pages: puzzles, game ideas and adventure knowledge


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