The New Narrative Bible

Age 8

256 pages

213 x 216 mm


  • Bible

Martina Steinkühler, Barbara Nascimbeni

The New Narrative Bible

What does the Bible have to do with the life of today?

When reading the Bible, the question sometimes arises what these stories have to do with our lives in this day and age. This is precisely the starting point for author Dr. Martina Steinkühler with her convincing concept for religious instruction: taking the main idea behind them she has retold the stories very freely and vividly, in the process making the biblical characters into people of flesh and blood. This very innovative way and the excellent narrative style help children discover that there are stories in the Bible that can provide answers to the big questions of life, such as the beginning of the world and the strengths and weakness of human beings. Martine Steinkühler tells of a God that gives us comfort and His blessing. With frequently repeated key words, the author conveys a picture of God that is nuanced and positive.



  • A complete new concept for religious instruction

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