The Pentecost Story

Age 5

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Pentecost Story

What is the story behind Pentecost?

It caused quite a kerfuffle when the disciples could suddenly speak in strange languages and everybody could understand one another although they all had different native tongues!

This book by Rainer Oberthür tells the exciting story of the events at Pentecost and other passages in the Bible where the spirit of God brings about amazing things. The tale is, as always with this author, vivid and competently told, and it makes it clear how committedly and attractively the first Christians lived together and how important the festival of Pentecost therefore is for the birthday of our Church.


  • Important festival in the course of the year newly explained
  • Bestselling team: renowned religious teacher, well-established artist

Sold to:
Switzerland (french), Norway