The Runes Master

Age 13

448 pages

147 x 220 mm


  • Fantasy

Torsten Fink, Maximilian Meinzold

The Runes Master

As infants, Ayrin and Baren were abandoned on the threshold of an inn. Now, 16 years later, the twins start their training with a peculiar runes master. However, the magic trade is much more dangerous than it would appear and soon the twins get caught up in a dangerous web of sinister forces with which they have more in common than they suspect. Because the witch king who is threatening the world of people is their father. Their mother was also a magician and bequeathed a great magical talent to Ayrin – her art of drawing the magical runes will decide in the end about the fate of humanity.


  • High fantasy by the bestselling author  
  • Medieval world full of magic and dangers
  • Fantasy in the tradition of Michael Ende