The Best Tales from One Thousand and One Nights

Age 5

112 pages

218 x 286 mm


  • Fairy Tales Picture Book

Angelika Lukesch, Kathrin Treuber

The Best Tales from One Thousand and One Nights

 “Open Sesame” – these are the magic words with which Ali Baba reaches unfathomable treasure. These two words are all it takes to take us straight away into oriental fairytale worlds. The most beautiful tales from the Arabian Nights play out amidst the desert, golden palaces and cool oases. The clever Scheherazade tells the king a new fairy tale every night – about Aladdin and the magic lamp, about the flying magic horse or the merchant from Baghdad – and captivates his heart and ours.  

The picture book artist Kathrin Treuber indulges in lush colours and patterns, creates appealing figures and exotic landscapes and takes us into the distant orient. Angelika Lukesch has retold the long-known tales with a great deal of feeling for the Arabic narrative style – a storytelling treasure for the whole family.



The Story of Scheherazade

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The Magic Horse

The Story of Maruf the Cobbler

The Story of the Magnetic Mountain

Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Peri Banu

Ali Kwadjah, merchant of Baghdad

The Jealous Sisters



  • A treasure trove of tales for the whole family
  • Impressively detailed illustrations by Kathrin Treuber
  • High-quality specification with linen back and ribbon bookmark

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