The Animal Shapeshiferts - Volume 1

Age 8

192 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Childrens Novel

Martina Baumbach, Imke Sönnichsen

The Animal Shapeshiferts - Volume 1

Our Teacher is an Elk

In a nutshell:
An owl that talks to her? A new teacher who lives in an old construction trailer on the school site? The 4th school year has got off to an exceptionally exciting start, Merle finds. Only the new group, for which the new teacher has selected her, is not at all to her liking – she does not enjoy sports. But what Mr. Olsson reveals to them in the 7th lesson leaves her speechless: she is an animal shapeshifter! Merle can hardly wait for the lesson with Mr. Olsson. What animal might she be harbouring within her?

What is going on? Could she be dreaming? Merle is confused: surely animals cannot talk. But still, she is suddenly spoken to by animals. And not just that. An owl even prophesises an important surprise for her for the new school year. Could there really be something behind all this? On the first school day at the Bear Field School after the summer holiday, however, there is “only” a new teacher, Mr. Olsson. But he is supposed to lead a new club, the “sports lesson for special talents”. And what is odd about it: one cannot register for it like for other clubs but is selected. And Merle is selected, as well as the newbie Finn and a couple of other children. However, why she of all people was admitted to a special sports lesson is a mystery to her. She is certainly no whizz at sports. But it emerges that the sports lesson is only a guise. In reality, Mr. Olsson is instructing the children in metamorphosis and animal lore, because they are something special, namely animal shapeshifters. Merle is perplexed initially. She, an animal shapeshifter? Is that why she can hear animals speak? Everything must remain strictly secret, including for their fellow pupils. This is one of the most important rules for animal shapeshifters. With Mr. Olsson’s help. They find out what animal they are and how they metamorphose. The children gradually learn to adopt their animal form and to control its capabilities. Merle and Finn are the first who succeed in transforming. Merle into an owl and Finn into a weasel. But then suddenly strange things start happening in school: the gym is underwater and the animal shapeshifting lessons are threatening to come to an end. Then the school garden is vandalised and sports trophies disappear from the display cabinet in the school building. It is clear to the teacher and the caretaker: it can only be Mr. Olsson’s fault, after all nothing like that had ever happened before he showed up. And promptly the headmistress receives a call from the school council: Mr. Olsson is to be transferred for disciplinary reasons. The animal shapeshifters cannot allow that. They fight for their teacher – remarkably successfully thanks to the animal shapeshifting capabilities. They also receive unexpected help – the headmistress is namely also an animal shapeshifter – and are able to solve the strange incidents. Mr.Olsson may stay! And the next adventure is already awaiting the children.


  • The new series for boys and girls from 8 years old


  • Magical mix of the art of metamorphosis, friendship, everyday school life


  • Classically and humorously told by Martina Baumbach


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