The Neverending Story – The Phantásia Encyclopedia

Age 12

256 pages


  • Nonfiction for Young Adults

Roman Hocke, Patrick Hocke, Claudia Seeger

The Neverending Story – The Phantásia Encyclopedia

Turtle Morla, the Ancient One, Fuchur the Luckdragon, the Childlike Empress – mysterious beings inhabit Michael Ende’s Phantásia. Where do they have their origins? And what do they stand for? Michael Ende’s Neverending Story is packed with references – to literature, philosophy, the cultures of the world. This lexicon is an invitation to travel through Ende’s fascinating world of thought, and the journey itself is also a journey of exploration to Phantásia.

Contains unpublished texts
The ultimate encyclopedia of the international - bestseller
With 26 variations on the subject of endlessness

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