The Wardens of Aquaterra

Age 10

256 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Fantasy

Bernd Perplies, Christian Humberg, Timo Kümmel

The Wardens of Aquaterra

Attack from the deep

In their new exciting adventure, the friends meet amphibian alien girl Leilani. She invites them to the underwater algae breeding grounds below the city. Here they stumble across a huge conspiracy. Ruthless environment criminals are secretly polluting the sea because profit is more important to them than the sea. Finn, Anna and the others want to warn Anna's father, the town mayor. But they have attracted the attention of the gangsters, who without further ado capture the unwelcome witnesses! Can they escape in time and prevent Aquaterra's beautiful coast from being poisoned forever?



  • Volume 2 of the new series in an unusual setting
  • Unusual, exciting and futuristic
  • Reading fun for girls and boys!