The Guardians of Aquaterra

Age 10

256 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Bernd Perplies, Christian Humberg, Timo Kümmel

The Guardians of Aquaterra

In a nutshell:

Volume 1: Finn's data goggles become the coolest of all when the artificial intelligence Omikron 1 goes and hides away in them. Finn very soon realises that there are some crooks suddenly wanting to get their hands on his goggles. He and his friend Anna are keen to find out what is going on although Anna should really be looking after the young Karadeem Tresk who recently moved to Aquaterra. What a good thing that the alien boy simply loves adventure. The four of them – Anna's little monkey Heisenberg is always part of the group – manage to track down the crooks: they have their sights on the grounds of the exotic animal zoo and Omikron 1 is to manipulate the decision-makers in the town hall. The friends must prevent this, no matter what, and rescue Omikron 1 and the zoo!



The year is 2100, the location Aquaterra - ideal and metropolis in the middle of the ocean. This is where the twelve-year-old friends live, Finn and Anna, the offspring of a taxi driver and the mayor. Aquaterra is a super city! It was founded when the human race had its first contact with the galactic community. So as not to give preference to any one nation, the aliens and the governments of the world together built the floating island of Aquaterra in the Earth's sea. Ever since, the inhabitants can engage in free trade and diplomacy - one reason why the city is full of life and a veritable melting pot of peoples, both earthly and alien. "The Guardians of Aquaterra" series describes the adventures of friends Finn, Anna and Tresk in this fascinating new "world in the sea". The setting remains limited and expeditions into space are absolutely ruled out for the focus is centred entirely on the various different residents living and working together. But Aquaterra is so large and life there so assorted that anything could happen and all manner of stories taking place in this setting invented. There are, so to speak, amusing sidekicks and perilous adventures lurking round every corner; humour and serious topics go hand in hand. And so, very subtly, a message creeps into the exciting and fast-paced plot. Boys will be fascinated by cool technology such as monorail tracks, augmented reality and robots (without going into detail: the focus is a futuristic atmosphere). Girls will enjoy the ocean setting and the huge variety of curious creatures, both in the zoo of exotic animals and in the children's immediate neighbourhood. The city of Aquaterra is big and bright and bustling. It is basically a huge circular, artificial island anchored in the Atlantic equidistant from Europe, Africa, South America and North America. It has about 100,000 residents, but no one knows the exact number. On this island there are numerous awesome-looking buildings, like those of the various embassies, a stadium, a zoo of exotic animals, the Terra Museum, hotels, and much more besides. Then they have a magnificent sea harbour, lush parks and landing areas for flying vehicles bringing in guests. The island also has a seedy side, niches between all the splendour in which shady taverns can be found next to VR movie theatres and dubious shops. The area below sea level and going right down to the bottom of the sea is reserved for industrial estates, algaculture and research stations – a world of its own with mini-submarines whizzing about. It is mainly workers and scientists who come this way, but many an illegal deal is also arranged here. All in all, the city is one big "adventure playpark" in which there is more for our heroes to discover than they ever thought possible.

The young heroes:
Finn: Finn is twelve. He is a smart boy particularly interested in technical matters, and he has been living with his father, a taxi driver, ever since his parents divorced. His favourite toy (and best friend) is Omikron 1, an artificial intelligence living in Finn's data goggles and is linked with the little family's home computer. Omikron 1 is a walking encyclopaedia and always happy to help the friends.

Anna: Anna is also twelve, and although she is slightly younger than Finn she has no problems head-locking him. The mayor's daughter particularly likes sports and animals. And so she is always dashing around on her skateboard and playing with her cuddly cute pet, the clever little blue Limuri monkey, Heisenberg. When Anna is not out and about involved in some kind of adventure she does volunteer work at the Aquaterra zoo for exotic animals.

Omikron 1: is what is known as a "free artificial intelligence", absolutely unique and living in Finn's data goggles. Omikron 1 was developed by some nasty crooks but didn't feel like getting involved in roguish activities, managed to escape from the crooks' clutches and has been "living" in Finn's data goggles ever since. Omikron 1 is not a slave of his software but instead capable of thinking and acting independently.

Tresk: is six and a half (which in human years is equivalent to about double that) and is as wild as he is courageous, and his strength and impetuosity keep getting him into trouble. As a member of the cat-like Karadeems, honour means a great deal to him. He is the one who does the dirty work in the group, and if necessary will force open a bulkhead with his bare hands and punch a villain in the nose. On the other hand, Tresk tends to be hell-bent on getting his own way. His friends have to haul him back often enough.

Heisenberg: is a little blue monkey from the planet of Limuri and is at least as affectionate as clever. He originally comes from the alien zoo of Atlantia but was "adopted" by Anna. He is really called hAinprrGGh, a name non-Limurians can't pronounce.  



  • New series by the bestselling team of authors: off-beat, humorous, exciting and action-packed
  • Unusual setting: an island in the middle of the ocean
  • Exotic animals, aliens and the latest modern technology – reading fun for girls and boys!

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Turkey, Czech Republic