The Racoon Pack

Age 8

160 pages

148 x 210 mm


Bettina Obrecht, Barbara Scholz

The Racoon Pack

A Scout adventure

A new Scout group is to be set up in the village! The ideal opportunity for Joris, who has only just moved here, to find friends and try out something new. A little bit of outdoor knowhow can't be all that difficult, he thinks to himself; after all, even in the city he'd already seen trees. He has to prove himself as a Scout: only if he manages to do a good deed every day, as is usual among the Scouts, and he can use his outdoor knowledge, will Niklas even listen to his suggestion.

Luckily there is Lia, who always knows what to do, and Joris quickly realises that when push comes to shove, Scouts always stick together.


  • With turbulent scenes by bestselling illustrator Barbara Scholz
  • Powerful topics of high interest to the target group: tests of courage, adventure and friendship