The Racoon Pack

Age 8

160 pages

148 x 210 mm


Bettina Obrecht, Barbara Scholz

The Racoon Pack

Our camp adventure

Now it's off to camp in Norway – rushing streams, waterfalls, climbing rocks! Joris can hardly wait. Now at last he will be able to make good use of all his outdoor skills. With great enthusiasm he plunges into preparations. The fact that the trip will be expensive doesn't really bother him to begin with; they'll manage somehow. One thing is clear: either they all go or no one does! But then a special discovery that would immediately solve all their money problems puts the friends to a tough test. But Joris again realises something important: the racoon clan can be relied on!


  • A new episode of the scouting adventure
  • With turbulent scenes by bestselling illustrator Barbara Scholz
  • Topics of major interest for the target group: friendship and team spirit