Fire at the Wheel

Age 8

128 pages

148 x 210 mm


Fabian Lenk, Anton Riedel

Fire at the Wheel

The Wupis

Ben can scarcely believe it: his extraterrestrial friends from the planet of Wups are taking him and his best friend Otto back with them to their home planet. There they are to report to King Charles the Last personally about life on Earth. After an exciting flight through space the group lands in a fascinatingly different world. Ben is thrilled – until one of the most valuable of treasures on Wups is stolen and suspicion falls on him of all people. He is 900,000 light years away from home and has to prove his innocence and track down the real thief – with intergalactic support, of course!


  • Easy reading fun for boys and girls age 8 and up


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