The Wupis

Age 8

128 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Fabian Lenk, Anton Riedel

The Wupis

With a Big Bang From Space

In a nutshell:

Ben belongs to the blue-blooded hoity-toity Hohenzwitscherberg clan. According to his mother, top marks at school and lots of friends are self-evident. But with Ben? – Forget it! What a good thing he at least has one friend; Otto, an opossum with a dreadful squint. The fact that Otto can speak is a secret closely guarded by the two friends. This secret is promptly joined by a second one, for an unidentified flying object crashes bang in front of the door to Ben's room. The mysterious passengers have more than one surprise up their sleeves, exactly like the secret service hot on the heels of Ben, Otto and the extraterritorial visitors from the planet of Wups …

A new and humorous adventure series by bestselling author Fabian Lenk


  • New series by bestselling author: 3.5 million copies of Fabian Lenk's books have been sold worldwide in 15 different languages

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