Starting Whistle for Dr. Brumm

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Starting Whistle for Dr. Brumm

The farmer has invited Dr. Brumm and his friends to a game of soccer. Dr. Brumm might well have thought that there would be a snag somewhere. Instead of a friendly game, he is facing a hard-hitting match against the farmer and his nephews, who are training for the youth otter national team. And worst of all: the farmer is the goalkeeper, trainer and referee in one! The first half time goes pitifully: Dr. Brumm’s team is hammered with one goal after another. The friends would like to just jack it in, but they have one ace up their sleeve that they were not even aware of: the whale, fancy that, is a real football checker! He turns the half-time break into a training and motivation sessions like no other. And lo and behold – in the second half Dr.Brumm and co. show the otters where it is at!


  • Thematically fit occasion for Dr. Brumm


  • Probably the most fun picture book for the 2020 European Championship

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