Dr Brumm’s Birthday

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm’s Birthday

When he looks at the calendar, Dr Brumm realises that it’s his birthday today. Oh dear, he had completely forgotten all about it!

And then the doorbell rings. Outside, the expectant guests are standing there with their presents. Oh dear, Dr Brumm hasn’t prepared anything – so he improvises …

It turns out to be a chaotic day. Dr Brumm doesn’t notice that while playing blind man’s bluff he has strayed onto Farmer Giles’s hay wagon and ends up in the farmyard. After he has had an unintentional ride on Rodeo, the bull, he and his friends decide first to help the farmer with the hay harvest before having a big party in the farmyard in the evening. And so Dr Brumm celebrates his birthday in style after all, with a party that nobody will ever forget.


  • Dr Brumm’s chaotic birthday party
  • Amusing, unusual, too funny for words
  • 280,000 copies sold of the series!

Sold to:
Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, China, Russia, Korea, Taiwan (Chinese)

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