Dr Brumm Goes Swimming

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Goes Swimming

There is a wild and dangerous Temper-Temper lying in wait in the lake – at least, that's what the otter says. So Dr Brumm prefers to stay on land, just to be on the safe side. But his best friend, goldfisch Sperm Whale, goes swimming all the same. Then, suddenly, Sperm Whale is pulled down deep into the depths of the water. Will Dr Brumm be able to rescue his friend from the Temper-Temper?

Slapstick at its best!
Successful series
Well-known illustrator

Sold to:
Norway, China, Denmark, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark (Swedish), Russia, Spain (Spanish), Spain (Catalan)

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