Dr. Brumm and the Megasaurus

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Dr. Brumm and the Megasaurus

Dr. Brumm is doing what he does every Friday: working in the garden. While he is digging up his vegetable bed, he comes across something very unusual… a real dinosaur bone. With the help of Badger and Sperm Whale, he digs the rest of the dinosaur up and in no time at all a gigantic megasaurus skeleton is standing in his garden. Only its head cannot be found. The trail leads to the site of farmer Hackenpiep, of all places, as digging is absolutely impossible here. But Dr. Brumm, Badger and Sperm Whale of course find a way to outsmart Hackenpiep…


  • Dr. Brumm hot on the trail of a dinosaur
  • Witty, quirky and adventurous – true picture book delight
  • 500,000 copies of Dr. Brumm books sold worldwide!

Sold to:
Denmark, Poland, Taiwan (Chinese), Spain (Catalan), Spain (Spanish), Italy

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