Three Heroes for Maud

Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Oliver Scherz, Daniel Napp

Three Heroes for Maud

When Fred Fuzzhead wants to wrap his long monkey arms around Maud like every morning, he makes the astounding realisation that Maud has gone. He can’t find her in her parents’ bed either. Will with the lion’s mane and the bear Bom do not know where Maud might be either. Then they find a message that Maud has left on the kitchen table, showing a building and Maud in it with a sad look on her face. Fred, Will and Bom are sure: Maud has been abducted! The three cuddly animals waste no time in knotting together a couple of items of clothing and letting themselves down out of the playroom window. They land directly in the city, amidst beeping cars and rushing people. Where can they possibly find Maud here? When a big dog saunters past them, Fred has the rescuing idea: he lets the dog sniff a piece of Maud’s clothing, then he leaps onto the dog’s back with Will and Bom. The dog races off immediately, but at such as pace that Fred tumbles from its back. He lies injured on the road, with plastic beads spilling out. Luckily, Will had had the presence of mind to take Maud’s First Aid kit with him and is able to nurse Fred. While they are still consulting with each other how to proceed, they are lifted up gently by an older lady and stashed into a handbag. The lady brings the three to a lost property office. At the lost property office, however, Fred, Will and Bom find out that some of the other cuddly toys there have already been waiting for their owners for years, so they run away as fast as they can. No sooner have they fled from the lost property office than they are seized by rubbish men, shoved into a bin and then brought to a rubbish dump with the rubbish van. Fred, Will and Bom land on the conveyor belt. They only barely escape the funnel that leads to a shredder. A tram has just stopped in front of the rubbish dump. The three hop on board and flop down on the seats panting. They ride through the town for hours and gaze longingly out of the window. It gradually becomes clear to them that they will not find Maud. How about looking for a new person to take care of them? When they get off at the next stop, Fred, Will and Bom are indeed spied by a little boy who picks them up and takes them home with him. However, they cannot play as nicely with him as with Maud. And the boy’s mother is aghast that her son has picked up three dirty cuddly toys. Fred, Will and Nom climb quickly onto the roof and look out into the distance. They spot a clocktower that looks somehow familiar. Precisely this clocktower could be seen on Maud’s picture! They are evidently very close to the abductor. Shortly afterwards they are standing in front of the building. When they climb up it, they indeed discover Maud behind one of the windows, sitting in a room with other children. While the three cuddly toys are still considering how best to free her, there is a shrill ringing. All the children jump up and run to the door. Fred, Will and Bom are overjoyed when Maud runs towards them, even if they are rather astounded that the abductor have set all the children free. Then Maud explains to them. Today was her first day at school! The three cuddly toys have to admit contritely that they had forgotten that completely in all their excitement. Even so, they are delighted to have their Maud back, especially when she promises in the bath in the evening to take them with her to school the next day.


  • Brilliantly told story of friendship
  • Over 250,000 Oliver Scherz books sold

Sold to:
Hungary, Hebrew, Taiwan (Chinese), Israel (Hebrew), Russia