A Whole Heap of Friends – Really Strong

Age 4

32 pages

300 x 205 mm


  • Picture Book

Kerstin Schoene

A Whole Heap of Friends – Really Strong

The hippopotamus is in a right old pickle. He is up to ears in mud! The big strong elephant tugs and tugs but he can't get the hippo out by himself. All the animals come and help – the big ones and medium-sized ones and the not so big ones. But it is not until the smallest animal of all joins in that it goes "plop" at last and the hippopotamus shoots out of his hole. So there he is, covered with mud! What now? Now it's the reader's turn: all the animals urge him or her to give the book a really, really, really good shake. And what do we see? The dirt has disappeared! And what do we have? A happy hippopotamus who knows that he can always rely on his friends, no matter whether they are big or small.


  • The latest story in the bestselling series
  • Another affectionate story about friendship and sticking together
  • A true eye catcher and with a new interactive twist

Sold to:
China, Belgium (Dutch), Belarus

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