A Mountain of Friends Sticking Together

Age 4

32 pages

300 x 205 mm


  • Picture Book

Kerstin Schoene

A Mountain of Friends Sticking Together

The tortoise is sad. All the other animals in the zoo are nimble and fleet-footed, but it takes the tortoise so long to do everything … The animals all hatch out a plan to help her. They all huddle up close together to make one gigantic, exciting slide for the tortoise to whoosh down. What super-duper fun! And after the tortoise has hurtled past all the animals she realises that there indeed are things you should take your time for – and that are true friends.

A new delightful story by Kerstin Schoene.


  • The sequel to the bestselling "A Mountain of Friends" series
  • An adorable story about friendship and sticking together

Sold to:
Vietnam, Belgium, Argentina, Spain (Spanish), Korea, China, Turkey, Belarus

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Another title of the series