A Mountain of Friends

Age 4

32 pages

300 x 205 mm


  • Picture Book

Kerstin Schoene

A Mountain of Friends

Reaching the sky with the help of friends.

The little penguin would so love to fly. He has tried everything – balloons, making some wings, with a goose as an aeroplane. But all to no avail. This is where the reader comes into it, for he or she has to help the story reach a happy conclusion. The book, originally in horizontal format, now has to be turned 90 degrees. The animals help the little penguin to get onto a heap of soil. But he still cannot touch the clouds. The animals make a pile of stones and lift the penguin onto the top. But he still cannot touch the clouds. When there is nothing left to make a heap with, the animals in the zoo make a heap of themselves.


  • Charming interactive picture book

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Denmark, USA , Greece, China, Spain (Spanish), Latin-America, Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Vietnam, Romania, Italy, Japan, Taiwan

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