A Girl Called Willow

Age 10

256 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Sabine Bohlmann, Simona Ceccarelli

A Girl Called Willow

In a nutshell:
What can Willow possibly do with a forest? She has inherited one from her aunt Alwina. And not only that – her aunt has also left Willow a crooked little house and especially: her witch’s power. But does Willow really want to accept this inheritance with all it entails? And then she is also supposed to find three girls who also carry the gift of sorcery within them. But where? And especially, how? Luckily Willow is not alone, because Rufus the fox stays steadfastly by her side.

Willow is 11 years old and has had to move house quite often with her father. But now they seem to have arrived – at a house that her father has inherited from his aunt. Willow spent the first few years of her life here, but she cannot remember it. Her only consolation in the new home is what she herself inherited from her great aunt Alwina: a little adjoining forest where a little house stands, blown crooked in the wind. On her exploratory tour through the forest, Willow even encounters a tame fox and an owl. But that is not all: in the little witch’s house, Willow discovers a big chest with the greatest treasures: including a thick ancient book and a letter. In this letter, Alwina tells of her witch’s power and leaves it to Willow to take over and to find three kindred spirits who also carry special powers within them. After considering for a little while, Willow decides to accept the powers and to set out on the search for the three “allies”. After she has completed the ritual, Willow notices that she, apart from more minor feats of witchcraft, especially masters the element fire… And then Willow sets about the difficult task of finding three new friends and starts to check out the witch potential of her female schoolmates. And lo and behold, it works. After a few failed attempts, she initially befriends the shy Valentina, then the funny Gretchen, and finally the little Lotti. Gradually Willow shows the three her little witch forest and the house of her great aunt. And they decide to activate their witch powers. Valentina masters the element air like no other – Gretchen can influence water and Lotti the earth. Together with their magical animal companions that find their way to them after the ritual, one day they experience a nasty surprise: in Alwina’s forest stand the unpleasant Alfie Weasel with his colleague John Vulture, from Weasel and Vulture Real Estate Ltd. They want to buy the little forest from Willow’s father to build a big shopping centre on it. Now the four of them are faced with a big challenge. However, with their joint witch’s powers, they manage to prevent the sale at the last minute: because suddenly plants worthy of protection are growing in the forest. The forest is saved and along the way the four girls have become friends for life!


  • After “Mrs. Honey”, an enchanting new children’s novel by Sabine Bohlmann


  • For all those who want to know what powers nature harbours


  • Atmospherically illustrated by Simona Ceccarelli