King of Pirates Volume 2 - Ice Dragons and Fire Giants

Age 8

256 pages

148 x 210 mm


Lukas Hainer, Medienhaus Baden-Baden Studio 88

King of Pirates Volume 2 - Ice Dragons and Fire Giants

Now that they have just been crowned the Kings of the Pirates, Freddy and his friends set sail again. They must find the Stone of the Ancestors, for it alone can help Freddy find his father's trail. But the hideaway in the Polar Sea is guarded by an ancient ice dragon. By using a ruse, Capt'n Kork and his pirates find the Stone and another clue: only the one-time helmsman of the Flying Finn, who legend has it is a fire giant, will be able to help them with their search. If they are to succeed they will have to liberate the helmsman from the emperor's dungeon. So together with the hostile crew of the Black Buccaneer they hatch out a plan – and are successful and the helmsman is freed. The Kings of the Pirates might be in the emperor's bad books now, but they have got a lot closer to finding Freddy's father …


  • As entertaining as the "Pirates of the Caribbean"
  • An action-packed pirate adventure for the whole family.
  • Writer is the singer-songwriter of the successful band Santiano: over 2 million albums sold

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