Emma and Emilio – (Almost) Perfect Happiness with a Cat

Age 8

224 pages

148 x 210 mm


Andrea Schütze, Joëlle Tourlonias

Emma and Emilio – (Almost) Perfect Happiness with a Cat

Emma and her little sister Mathilda have moved. As consolation, their mother promises them a pet – and they quickly decide on a cat. When three kittens are born in the neighbourhood, the two girls make up their minds that one of the babies is to be the new member of their family. The name of the kitten they choose is to be Emilio. And no sooner has he moved in than he turns everything topsy-turvy. The little fellow even has the fire-brigade called out! And when he has a stint as a "therapy cat" in the retirement home, he is the hero of the day.


  • Entertaining and interactive children's book for girls of 8 and up
  • With a cat quiz, cat alphabet, lots of ideas for making toys for cats, and much more besides

Sold to:
Poland, Turkey, China