Evil Hero

Age 10

352 pages


Sandra Grauer, Jann Kerntke

Evil Hero

Reluctant super-rogue

In a Nutshell:

Where do super-rogues get the best training? At the internationally feared "Evil Academy", of course, the most evil super-rogue school in the world. And that is precisely where John, the son of a superhero, ended up because he has a mission – he wants to avenge his dead father, no matter what. John fears no challenges in his search for the true identity of "The Rockstar", his father's archenemy. But life for an incognito superhero in a super-rogue school is anything but easy and John has to learn all about rogue etiquette and super-rogue weapons in next to no time if he is not to be exposed. When in spite of everything he becomes a target a race against time begins – and John does not even know whether he can really trust his two rogue friends Serena and Max.

An action-packed page-turner about friendship and trust, heroes and rogues and how a mission can be successfully fulfilled in spite of all adversities!


  • Brilliant children's book debut
  • Action-packed and exciting to the very last page
  • For all fans of Superman and Batman