The Coffinnail Family

Age 10

176 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Rainer Wekwerth, Fréderic Bertrand

The Coffinnail Family

Verena finds it totally god-awful that her twin brother Ben’s hair is flying around everywhere. And Ben is mightily annoyed that his sister is constantly using up the toothpaste. This is quite normal madness if one is born into a werewolf-vampire family. However, even though the siblings are constantly having a row, they must stick together when it comes to one matter: new neighbours are moving in opposite and, would you believe it, the name of the most famous monster hunter of all times is written on the doorbell: van Helsing. Are they really his ancestors and a danger to the Coffinnails? Ben and Verena feel compelled to find out!


  • Quirky, chaotic and simply side-splitting
  • Sibling rows: vampire against werewolf
  • Spiegel best-selling author Rainer Wekwerth now also with a children’s book