Fanny and how she sees the world

Age 10

160 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Alexa Hennig von Lange, Regina Kehn

Fanny and how she sees the world

Fanny is eleven years old. She lives with her parents and her sister Elli in the middle of town. Fanny is usually dreamy, not particularly good at school and is always forgetting her homework. Her ambitious sister with high-flying qualities is totally the opposite. However, today she is really in the mood for school – because she has a very good project in her schoolbag and cannot wait to present it. However, this never comes about.

Instead, Fanny finds herself next to an enormous fountain, in a beautiful park in the grass. In a daze, she picks herself up and sees children of her age running around far to the rear among the rose bushes and flower beds. They are wearing big white wigs and sweeping Rococo dresses with crinoline skirts. Fanny can hardly believe her eyes. Where on earth has she ended up?! But when a pleasant girl called Theresa, also in a crinoline skirt and an enormous wig, appears next to her and looks full of concern at the bump on Fanny’s forehead, Fanny has an inkling that she has somehow been beamed back into the Rococo period. Fanny discovers that she has landed at the court of a real royal family. When Theresa asks who she is and why she is wearing these strange boy clothes, Fanny finds it hard to explain from what era she comes from. After Theresa has taken Fanny with her into the castle and has had her taken care of by her doctor, the adventure really gets going!

Because Fanny meets none other than the 13-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – who she had wanted to tell her classmates about today! “You will still be known in over 250 years!” she tells Mozart. She also tells him what he will become and that he ought to be a bit careful with money, as he does not appear to have a knack for this. Fanny and Amadeus get on brilliantly. They are brought together by joyfulness, dreaminess and humour. And Theresa, who is very fond of Amadeus, can give Fanny some good advice.

Fanny also learns a lot about the Rococo era – not easy at all to squeeze oneself into such a corset dress – that she can make use of for her school presentation. If only she knew how to get back home again! Fanny yearns more and more for her family, Elli, her comfortable clothes and her bathroom …


  • Let yourself be enchanted! Heart-warming story of family and friendship
  • Strong identification figure who learns what she is made of in another era
  • Alexa Hennig von Lange takes us back to the exciting Rococo period