Fly, Lela, Fly!

Age 3

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Günther Jakobs

Fly, Lela, Fly!

Best friends forever

Hey, what's going on here? Squirrel Pino is busily stocking up for the winter when he comes across a swallow in a tree. She is injured. What a good thing that Pino can help her. He gives Lela his paw, makes her some hot tea and even lets her sleep in his bed. When spring comes he helps her with her first attempts at flying. But one day Lela sees some other swallows up in the sky on their way south. Pino guesses what this could mean: he is going to have to say farewell to her. But he knows one thing for sure: Lela and he will remain best friends forever.


  • The famous illustrator now also as an author
  • Squirrel Pino and swallow Lela: a twosome you can't help but love
  • A heart-warming story about helping, friendship, partings and reunions

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Korea, Finland, Russia

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