Fritzi Klitschmüller

Age 8

144 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Britta Sabbag, Stefanie Messing

Fritzi Klitschmüller

In a Nutshell:
More than anything else, Fritzi wants a bright red skateboard. Instead, Mummy gives her a home-made princess dress for her birthday. No sooner said than done – Fritzi's mind is made up: she needs a skateboard acquisition plan! Help to this end comes from Thies, the boy who has just moved in next door. Together they hatch out a plan that has to remain top secret. Just like their friendship, for Fritzi's daddy doesn't like the new neighbours because they snatched his perfect house from under his nose. Turbulent school holidays start packed with secrets and at least 1000 good deeds, for Fritzi and Thies keep meeting people who have even larger problems and obviously have to be helped. There's no question about that.


At the beginning of the summer vacation, Fritzi's mummy is going on a well-deserved holiday, leaving Fritzi, 9, plus her little brother and Daddy alone at home. This wouldn't be much of a problem for Fritzi if instead of the homemade princess frock she had been given for her birthday she'd had the skateboard she'd been longing for. But no, too dangerous, says Mummy, later perhaps. As far as Fritzi is concerned, it is now a clear-cut case: this is going to be the skateboard summer. She is secretly going to get hold of one. The person to help her is Thies, the new boy from next door. The new neighbours are in Fritzi's daddy's bad books because he himself would have liked to have bought the house with the bay window, but then these people snatched it from under his nose. Now the new people are not just taboo for Daddy, they are his biggest enemies. So it's obvious that Fritzi must NEVER be caught playing with Thies and his super-duper skateboard. To top it all, Fritzi's nerve-wracking cousin Shakira is obstructing their strictly secret project of acquiring a skateboard. Shakira always has to be the best and wants to join in absolutely everything. But not if we can help it, Fritzi thinks, always wary of her annoying relatives. And then there's Auntie Bolle, Shakira's mother, who is visiting the Klitschmüllers to keep an eye on things while Fritzi's mother is away. And she loves beetroot in all possible variations: beetroot and sunflower spread, beetroot soup, beetroot salad … Hardly surprising that Fritzi and her little brother regularly raise the beetroot alarm. Fritzi and Thies keep managing to secretly steal away to go skateboarding, but even so Fritzi's dream of her very own skateboard only comes nearer to fulfilment at a snail's pace. True, she earns a little pocket money going walkies with old Trude Herrlein's two dachshunds, but that is by no means enough for a skateboard. So it seems like a prayer answered when Fritzi finds a wallet containing a 100-euro note. When she is standing in the shop looking at the skateboard of her dreams she discovers that Shakira has followed them and is going to tell on Fritzi and Thies. At that moment Fritzi realises that what she is doing is wrong. Her conscience makes her take the wallet to the lost-and-found. The biggest surprise, however, is still to come: the owner of the wallet goes to visit Fritzi at home to thank her – with a reward of 50 euros. Fritzi's dream of a skateboard of her own can now come true.


  • By best-selling author Britta Sabbag, the author of "Bommel, the Little Bumble Bee"
  • For all fans of "My Lotta Life"

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