Doeas Death Go Away Again?

Age 5

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Mechthild Schroeter-Rupieper, Imke Sönnichsen

Doeas Death Go Away Again?

Answers to children´s questions about death and grief

Children’s questions on the topic of death and grief

For quite a while now, Marlene’s and Paul’s grandpa has not been able to plant tomatoes with them to make ketchup with, or to play Ludo. Most of the time he is lying in bed. Now he doesn’t even want to eat an apple, even though Marlene peeled it especially for him. Shortly afterwards he dies. The children experience how sad everyone is, the undertaker visiting their house, what happens with their deceased grandpa, how a funeral works and why everyone gathers afterwards. But they also discover how they can keep their memories of their grandpa.

The story provides the framework for many children’s questions that are answered on the respective opposite page, such as “How do you know someone is dead?”, “Is being asleep the same as being dead?”, “Do we always cry when we are sad?”, “Is a dead person always cremated?”, “Do you become a skeleton straight away when you are dead?”, or “How deep is the grave for the funeral?” as well as “Can memories of a dead person be lost?”


  • Unique: a story and authentic children’s questions in one book
  • The author is an experienced family grief consultant
  • Consoling illustrations by Imke Sönnichsen