Brothers and Sisters – There's Nothing Better

Age 4

144 pages

195 x 245 mm


Dagmar Geisler

Brothers and Sisters – There's Nothing Better

Storytime tales

Boredom? No chance!

When there are siblings around, anything is possible – except for one thing: Boredom. Everybody will be able to recognize themselves in these twelve tales about Paula and Marie, Leon and Flori, Johanna and Jasper and many others: older brothers and sisters and younger brothers and sisters and even almost-siblings sceptically eying Mummy's baby bulge. In her amusing and thought-provoking stories, Dagmar Geisler tells of special adventures in the daily lives of siblings.


  • Covers many situations typical of day-to-day life with siblings
  • Twelve stories illustrated in colour to read to children
  • An ideal present for all brothers and sisters and their parents

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